We’re Operators

Focused on Operational Excellence

North Star is focused on becoming the gold standard for quality, hygiene, safety, effectiveness, retailing, and professionalism in the delivery of cannabis products & services in the U.S.. Our goal is build and operate over one million square feet of cultivation canopy, operate extraction facilities producing thousands of kiloliters of oils & concentrates, and deliver legendary service to millions of cannabis consumers through a network of stores nationwide.  We’re hands-on operators who take an active role on all facets of our enterprise, ensuring that our team and enterprise are universally aligned in what needs to be done daily to reach our collective goals and objectives. 

“It all begins with cultivation. We’re on a mission to cultivate the highest quality of  cannabis in the Industry.”


We start with strong seeds and clones from plants free of genetic defects. Then we nurture the seeds into healthy adolescent plants, using only all-natural and organic nutrients. After a full 8-week growth cycle, we then take another 8-weeks to meticulously transition them into beautiful flowers. The end product is full of wonderful and beautiful trichomes that produce delicious and fragrant terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids that give our patients and customers the relief and superior experience they’re looking for.

The North Star Way

Cultivating cannabis that provides relief and delivers a quality experience.

Cultivating Cannabis in Multiple Ways

Sungrown Goodness

Using the amazing natural energy of the sun, we cultivate our outdoor crop in over 100 acres of licensed land. 

Light Deprivation

Harnessing the power of the sun and combining it with a climate controlled environment, we have thousands of square feet of greenhouse cultivation.

Indoor & Artificial Light

Our core competence and expertise, we grow carefully crafted cannabis in over 100,000 square feet of cultivation sites in multiple states.

Patients and Customers First

Legendary Patient and Customer Care

“Our legendary service starts the minute you walk in the door.”


It starts the minute our patients and customers walks in the door to one of our medical dispensaries or adult-use stores: a friendly, caring, and compassionate team member, who’s knowledgeable, eager, and committed to finding the best product for patients and customers, greets them with an open and friendly smile. We’ve helped thousands of patients and customers find the relief and experience they seek, and today, they continue to visit us to find the best product for their needs. 

Adult-Use & Medical Locations


Check out the current location of Adult-Use or Medical Dispensary Location in Colorado.

Adult-Use & Medical Locations


Check out the current location of Adult-Use or Medical Dispensary Location in California.

“Quality extracted products is founded on having quality cannabis flower source. .”


Using high-quality cannabis flower and trimmings from our facility, we extract quality oil using the cleanest and organic methods available to us. Our extraction IP, recipes, methods and processes ensure that we maintain much of the cannabinoid, terpenes, and flavonoid that  offer the most effective relief and experiential impact of our oil, edibles, topicals, and concentrate products.

Beyond Flower

Crafted Cannabis oil for concentrates, cartridge’s, edibles, and topicals

Cannabis Oil

Oil cartridges, disposal pens, and distillate syringes that offer an alternative to flower in a premium and safe manner.


Wax, shatter, resin, and live products that offer the highest percentages of concentration.


Gummies, chocolates, and other delightful edible products that are delicious and brings a wonderful experience.


Salves, creams, and topical oils that help soothe aching muscles and joints bringing relief through cannabinoids.

Committed to Compliance

Regulated Cannabis Market Experts

“No shortcuts, just committed to compliance in the right way”


There are no shortcuts or easy way to be compliant, just hard work and commitment to doing things the right way. Our enterprise started in legal and regulated cannabis, adopting and evolving with the ever-changing rules, regulations, and laws governing legal cannabis. We’re dedicated and have become compliance experts after years of cultivating and dispensing hundreds of thousands of pounds of cannabis products in the legal and regulated market – a commitment to compliance that will always be a critical element of our enterprise.