Our Cultivation

Spanning the Rockies to the Pacific and Beyond

Cultivation Quick Look

Sungrown Goodness

Using the amazing natural energy of the sun, we cultivate our outdoor crop in over 100 acres of licensed land. 

Light Deprivation

Harnessing the power of the sun and combining it with a climate controlled environment, we have thousands of square feet of greenhouse cultivation.

Indoor & Artificial Light

Our core competence and expertise, we grow carefully crafted cannabis in over 100,000 square feet of cultivation sites in multiple states.

Growing for the People

With over 130 strains in our library of plant genetics, we cultivate a minimum of 30 strains in each of our locations to bring the variety in medical and experience needs that our patients and customers are looking for. And with our large-scale cultivation we can deliver the lowest per gram prices in the industry to our customers, patients, and partner dispensaries.

Cultivation by the Numbers


45,000 SF

138,000 SF

It Starts with Cultivation.

In 2015 our Founder and CEO, John Kaweske, took over our first cultivation facility nicknamed “Durango” located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This 10,000 square foot medical marijuana cultivation location was our first takeover project that was grossly underperforming in the quality, amount, and consistency of cannabis flower it was producing. After 18-months of extensive rehabilitation of every facet of the location, it is now producing some of the best quality cannabis flower that supply our stores throughout Colorado.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

10,000 Square Feet Indoor Cultivation
Medical Only

Greenhouse: Trinidad, CO

Located in historic Trinidad, Colorado (a town on the border of Colorado and New Mexico), this facility houses multiple licenses for growing medical and adult-use flower, processing for oil and concentrates, and a commercial kitchen that produces our Canadews gummy edibles. The 45,000 square foot cultivation boast two large light-deprivation natural sunlight flower rooms and a large indoor artificial light vegetation and propagation rooms, offering the best of the both worlds in cannabis cultivation. 


Trinidad, Colorado

45,000 Square Feet Greenhouse Cultivation
Medical & Adult-Use

110 Acres License Land: Crowley County, CO

North Star Holdings has one of the largest licensed cultivation land in Colorado at 110 acres of approved medical and adult-use land in Crowley County, near the town of Ordway, Colorado. This facility currently has over 10 acres in outdoor operations with greenhouses and hoop houses being constructed to facilitate year-round growth.


Crowley County, Colorado

110 Acres Outdoor & Greenhouse Cultivation

Medical & Adult-Use

Indoor Cultivation: Colorado & Las Vegas

North Star has added over 100,000 square feet of indoor cultivation throughout Colorado to enable the rapid expansion of the Company in acquiring more dispensary assets in both the medical and adult-use market. To date, the company is currently operating 63,000 square feet of indoor cultivation with the capacity to produce over 14,000 lbs of flower annually. In 2022, Las Vegas and Citadel will add 75,000 square feet of indoor cultivation, bringing the total capacity of production for the company to over 51,000 lbs in annual flower production.


8,000 Square Feet


Medical & Adult-Use

Arapahoe Boulevard
Boulder, Colorado


45,000 Square Feet


Medical & Adult-Use

39th Street
Denver, Colorado


20,000 Square Feet


Medical & Adult-Use

Valley View
Las Vegas, Nevada

(Under Construction)


55,000 Square Feet



Citadel Mall
Co Springs, CO

(Under Construction)